Discovering Dubai

Myself and my Mum went on a short holiday to Dubai and it’s city life. At the time we went in February 2008 it was very hot, since it’s a man-made country and without all of the surrounding of developing buildings it would just be a plan, hot desert. While we were staying in our hotel many buildings around us were still developing and so was most of the country. I was hoping to lay out on the beach and tan but, I never realised how hot it would be! It was roughly around 40 degrees! Majority of tourists and even locals would stay inside their homes at certain times since it would get so hot they couldn’t even work. I remember when leaving the indoors you would have to wear sunglasses even If you didn’t like wearing them (Like me at the time! Ha!) you had no choice but to wear them since it was to bright outside. The food was absolutely amazing and I even ate so much my stomach started to hurt! But it was okay, because after we ate something we went to a lovely mall in Dubai were we just shopped the whole day and spent all of our money! Shopaholic ALERT!

Below is my destination and an indication of what parts I explored of the country!


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