Discovering Dubai

Myself and my Mum went on a short holiday to Dubai and it’s city life. At the time we went in February 2008 it was very hot, since it’s a man-made country and without all of the surrounding of developing buildings it would just be a plan, hot desert. While we were staying in our […]

Exploring Thailand, Phuket – AGAIN!

Obviously from my previous posts, you have seen I have already visited in 2004 Thailand but this was my second time in the country and in the exact same place as before. I stayed in the same hotel and saw the same surrounding as last time. But this time it was slightly different because ever […]

Disovering Phuket, Thailand

All I can say is this county is amazing!This was my first time on a 13 hour journey to a small island in Thailand called Phuket. After, a long flight and car journey to our hotel and being jet-lagged we arrived. As I walked into the lobby area and the lovely staff welcoming us to […]

Exploring Paris

When I was turning 6 years old my parents took me to Paris, France for a long birthday weekend break.We had stayed in a small country hotel and had some French food which I wasn’t too keen on since I was a fussy eater (Still am!). So instead I had a traditional Italian pizza that […]

The Canary Islands

This was my first time abroad I was so excited! From what I could remember as a child I had a great time and experience in Canary Islands with my parents. It was seeing the lovely sight of the beach and the ray of sunshine on my skin that done it for me. As being […]